Food For Poor People

Why we think is important this Project

What about us?
We are doing this act  to give Food For Poor People, because we know
that every day People is dying because of malnutrieant.

We think our project is good because if we get the food we need  we can
give all that food to the people who needs it. We think  the community 
needs it because there are people dying of  Hunger.


Our Central Idea

Our idea is to collect the food we need. And if we collect it  we can easly start the Campaign.
So we promise we will give all the food. My dad acept that he is going to take Jorge And Me (Daniel)
to Albania. We are going to Take pictures and Videos to demostrate that We FFPP gave the Food.

Reasons why we (FFPP) decided this Idea (Venture)

We Decided to do this because is a benefit for all this people in our area (Albania) because we
can turn to better people. Our Pasionate about this  idea is to have exit to have every we do on 
this Project. So our pasionate too is to poor people have live.  

How will the comunity benefit from our Idea

We think this will benefit the comunity because all people that do not have food
or something to feed his self, with the food we are going to give them they
from now are gonna feed his self alone.

What is our inmediate Action Plan? How we are going to inform You of our idea?What  steps need to be taken to begin talking action on our Idea?

We are going to inform people doing posters. We are  going to put signs (posters) on Silent Reading, to inform more. We will have a translator that is going to say the presentation in spanish, and we also are going to have a translator that is going to say the presentation in English. If you are going to bring the Non-parishable
food please Bring food in Bags of Plastic, an then at 3:30 pm. We go to collect the food. Please when you bring the food to the School you give it to the teacher, so then  at  3:30 pm. We go to collect the bags. And please we expect to be non-perishable food.